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Jeopardy: Greek & Latin Roots

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Play with a friend and see who has the best knowledge of Greek and Latin roots.

Created Date 03.01.17
Last Updated 03.01.17
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Topics of this game:
  • The word centimeter contains the root cent. What does the root cent mean?
  • The word jurisdiction contains the root jur. What does the root jur mean?
  • The word visual contains the root vis. What does the root vis mean?
  • The word advocate contains the root voc. What does the root voc mean?
  • The word evacuate contains the root vac. What does the root vac mean?
  • Which root means star?
  • What does the root semi mean?
  • What does the root pens mean?
  • Which root means time?
  • Which root means many?
  • What does the word diminutive mean?
  • What does the word segregate mean?
  • What does the word chronic mean?
  • What does the word secede mean?
  • What does the word accreditation mean?
  • Which root means bend or curve?
  • Which root means drive or push?
  • Which root means water?
  • Which root means war?
  • What does the root cred mean?