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Vocabulary: Business Basics 1

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Business Basics Vocabulary

Created Date 03.07.18
Last Updated 03.08.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Anyone who starts a business
  • Getting money for business
  • New business money when a bank or a person lends you money to start your business
  • A new business
  • A company, group, government, group of people that do something together
  • On top of the organization and he tells people what to do.
  • To tell some people to do an activity.
  • Where the money goes
  • Mostly money
  • Person who you can trust
  • Good business person.
  • A bad person who steals money.
  • List of organization, companies or people that are not good.
  • The process of applying for jobs.
  • The person applying for it.
  • When the manager asks you questions to decide if you are good for the job.
  • The process of doing many job applications.
  • You get an agent to find you a job.
  • Person that looks at different details of the company and give advice
  • Person that gets people to do their job quickly.
  • Manager or buyer who argues with suppliers to get something for the lowest price.
  • Manager who watches everything