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Language Vocabulary

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Choose the correct answer for each definition.

Created Date 02.01.19
Last Updated 02.01.19
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Topics of this game:
  • It makes you feel very happy or enthusiastic
  • You copy what someone does or produces
  • someone who speaks a language as their first language rather than having learned it as a foreign language.
  • It seems so unlikely to be true that you cannot believe it.
  • Near someone or something
  • It is a fact or situation which explains why it happens or what causes it to happen
  • To express resentment, displeasure and so on.
  • It happens often.
  • Something uninteresting.
  • To search for in a book of reference.
  • A high-ranking priest in the Catholic Church.
  • It is the language that you learn from your parents when you are a baby.
  • Without error; careful and exact
  • You have no doubt at all about it.
  • Able to speak or write a specified foreign language easily and correctly.
  • A pain in or around a tooth
  • From one side to the other
  • To apply steady force to (something) in order to move it
  • It is an imaginary world that exists in fairy stories.
  • Brought into this world
  • Recommendation as to appropriate choice of action; counsel
  • In addition; too