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Poetic Justice

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Use your poetry terms expertise to get to the hive!

Created Date 03.17.19
Last Updated 03.18.19
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Topics of this game:
  • What do we call a group of consecutive lines in a poem that form a single unit?
  • “Stella stopped and stood still for a long time” is an example of _________________.*
  • What do we call any writing that is not poetry?
  • "He was late to pick the grapes in May" uses a literary device called
  • What do we call the use of words whose sounds suggest their meaning, like "buzz"?
  • What do we call a play on words?
  • A special poem with 5 syllables in the 1st line, 7 on the 2nd line and 5 on the 3rd line
  • A song or a songlike poem that tells a story is a
  • A long narrative poem about heroic deeds is called an
  • What do we call two consectuive lines in a poem that rhyme?
  • Word pairs like "mean" and "screen" are called _______ words.
  • A fourteen-line poem, usually written in iambic pentameter, is a _________________.
  • "The poetry of earth is never dead" =5 beats alternating stressed/unstressed syllables=
  • A repeated sound, word, phrase, line or group of lines is a _____________.
  • "There once was a man in Peru" is probably the 1st line of a ____________________.