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Commas, Elements, Math, and more!

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play with your friends. have fun learning how to use a comma and some other things

Created Date 04.02.19
Last Updated 04.03.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Does a comma go after day of the month from the year and after the year?
  • Are commas used to separate items or elements in a series?
  • How many commas should be in this sentence?
  • how many commas in the list of numbers 1 10 200 and 26
  • you use commas with interrupters but not with appositives?
  • is 0 even or odd
  • 5+-5
  • 7(15b+8)
  • what is 3.141592654
  • define aloof
  • define math
  • define definitions
  • define Monsutā
  • define kyodo
  • what is Au
  • what is Pu
  • what is the symbol for arsinic
  • what is atomic number 1
  • what element has 2 protons neutrons and 2 electrons
  • 21(57c+15)+2(79b+10)