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Are You Pronouncing That Correctly?

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Go through a list of words and phrases that many people struggle with! Some have tricky spellings, some are hard to pronounce, and some words are just misused. Try reading these aloud to others. Makes a fun classroom activity!

Created Date 04.22.16
Last Updated 04.22.16
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Topics of this game:
  • I will be running 10 miles in a _____________
  • Today we got to eat ice cream in the office. It was a special _________.
  • The movie is ___________________ an old comic book.
  • Soldiers who fought on horseback.
  • Chipotle is pronounced
  • If you have reached a point where you no longer care about something you may say this:
  • I think he may have _________ in the water.
  • Acai berries may be delicious but how do you pronounce Acai?
  • You should measure the width and the _______.
  • This word means "a person who is forced to seek a place of safety elsewhere, often in a foreign country".
  • To dance to the music, you should feel the ______.
  • "No matter what, they were determined to keep on going _____________.
  • A light, frozen, fruit-based refreshment
  • I can haul away those rocks with my _____________
  • When letters and symbols are used to represent numbers in an equation
  • In the morning, I love a nice hot __________
  • What is this phrase supposed to be?
  • Can you think of a word that means "a small stream" that starts with Cr___ and ends with the letter k? What does it rhyme with?
  • I love ___ guys!
  • When you say the word "new" out loud, which of these two words should it rhyme with?
  • What is the correct spelling for this word?
  • When you say the following sentence out loud: "What are you doing for lunch?" what should the 5th word rhyme with?
  • When something is nearly identical to something else, those items are ________.
  • You should ________ before using the carpet cleaner.
  • An eye doctor may use eye drops to do this to your eyes?
  • This phrase means "in every practical sense"
  • A sweet treat after dinner is a _______.
  • A person who does regular repairs is performing ______________. (The work of keeping something in proper condition)
  • An atomic bomb can also be called a _____________ warhead. How should you pronounce it?
  • I am smarter ____ everyone else in the room.
  • Where do we normally place commas, periods and exclamation points when using closing quotation marks?
  • If you participate in sports, you may be an _________
  • etc. is an abbreviation for __________.
  • The state ______ building is located in Madison, which is the _______ of Wisconsin.