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Homophones are words that sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. Pick the correct homophone for each sentence to earn a new member for your band.

Created Date 04.26.20
Last Updated 04.27.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Are you _________to stay up past your bedtime?
  • The _________ flew right over our heads!
  • Please help me ___________ my story for my teacher.
  • ___________ way is your house?
  • My Grandma is going to _________ my Halloween costume.
  • Ouch! I stubbed my __________.
  • When I was little I __________ a pony at the carnival.
  • That movie is ________ favorite one.
  • That __________was for the cookies I wanted to make.
  • Do you know ________ or not you can come play?
  • You did a ________ job in the talent show!
  • The dog had _______ puppies last night.
  • It’s so hard to find a __________ of matching socks.
  • The horse’s __________ was braided with a red bow.
  • That is _______ his baseball, it is mine.
  • I wanted _________ go with my mom but she said I need to stay home.
  • I laid my coat over _________ by the fence and now it is missing.
  • We had to stop and drive slowly when there were men working on the _________.
  • My brother and I went stargazing last _______.
  • Are you going to ________ that in your bucket?
  • The boy drank the rest of his soda and ________ the empty can in the trash.
  • When my sister said she was going to the movies, I said I wanted to go ________.
  • __________ going to go to park after they finish doing homework.
  • The men __________ the boat back to shore.
  • She got a big ________ of her birthday cake.