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Build Your Knowledge of Conflict in Literature

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Read the conflict example and then identify which type of conflict is being described in the scenario.

Created Date 10.14.20
Last Updated 10.14.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Todd is trying to quit cheating on his homework.
  • Sherry and her sister are fighting over a toy.
  • Mr. Smith challenged the fairness of the law.
  • Mike had to cross the Rocky Mountains alone. The mountains were rugged, sharp cliffs.
  • Sara had to decide between babysitting or going to the football game.
  • A driver just broke the law by running a red light!
  • A family is stranded because their town is flooded.
  • A teenager is torn between going to the movies with her friends or studying for a test.
  • A husband and wife have an argument about money.
  • A child is feeling guilty about lying to his parents.
  • The crew of the ship struggled against the violent storm.
  • The group was trying to climb to the top of Mt. Everest.
  • The man went to jail for robbing the bank.
  • The kids had a great time at the beach but at the end of the day they were horribly sunburnt!
  • Mark and Chris could not agree on the best picture for their science project.