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Know Your Poetry!

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You'll review poetry in African-American literature.

Created Date 05.27.15
Last Updated 05.28.15
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Topics of this game:
  • What poetic device does Phillis Wheatley use in "On Being Brought from Africa to America?"
  • What does Langston Hughes mean when he writes, "My soul has grown deep, like the rivers?"
  • What is Wheatley's tone in "On Being Brought?"
  • Amiri Baraka's poem "Black Art" belongs to which movement?
  • What is Sonia Sanchez referring to in "To All Sisters?"
  • Why is Frances Harper's poem "The Slave Mother" opposed to a slave mother?
  • What is the tone of Maya Angelou's "And Still I Rise?"
  • Identify which literary devices Hughes employs in "The Weary Blues."
  • Who is the speaker/narrator in "The Negro Speaks of Rivers?"
  • What does Angelou mean when she writes "here, on the pulse of this new day, / you may have the strength to look up and out / and into your sister's eyes / and into your brother's face / and say simply / very simply / with hope / good morning?"
  • Is "The Ballad of Rudolph Reed" a call for peaceful integration, or violent separation?
  • What kind of poem is Claude McKay's "If We Must Die?"
  • Is Gwendolyn Brooks serious or sarcastic when she writes "The Lovers of the Poor?"
  • Why does McKay title his poem "America," as opposed to "The United States?"
  • What is Baraka calling for when demanding a "Black World?"