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RI8.8 Literacy Standards Game

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A game with the RI8.8 standard.

Created Date 05.09.18
Last Updated 05.10.18
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Topics of this game:
  • Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? A famous singer on a sneaker commercial.
  • Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? A commercial with all the facts about hunger in Africa.
  • Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? A sad dog commercial.
  • Which is a more credible source? A blog or the newspaper
  • Which is a more credible source? A .gov website or a .com website
  • True or false: Saying the U.S. is the best country when you are an American is not biased.
  • True or false: Propaganda is always true.
  • True or false: Pathos are always sad.
  • True or false: Rhetoric is the art of speaking and writing inefficiently.
  • A plan to change something is?
  • A technique to influence people with information that is not usually true is?
  • "Everyone should have the right to vote." This statement is _________
  • Which source is more credible? Wikipedia or Merriam-Webster's dictionary
  • Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? An article on hunger in America
  • Ethos, Pathos, or Logos? A political commercial.