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Lit Match

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game for literary terms

Created Date 02.26.20
Last Updated 02.26.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A reference in a work of literature to something outside the work, especially to a well-known histor
  • A speaker’s, author’s, or character’s disposition toward or opinion of a subject.
  • Details are items or parts that make up a larger picture or story.
  • The techniques of deploying the sound of words, especially in poetry, such as rhyme, alliteration
  • word choice
  • Writing that seeks to arouse a reader’s disapproval of an object by ridicule
  • The background to a story; the physical location of a play, story, or novel.
  • a figure of speech comparing two objects, usually with “like,” “as,” or “than.”
  • something that is simultaneously itself and a sign of something else.
  • main thought expressed by a work
  • A story in which people, things, and events have another symbolic meaning.
  • Direct address, usually to someone or something that is not present.
  • The implications of a word or phrase, as opposed to its exact meaning (denotation).
  • The dictionary meaning of a word, as opposed to connotation.
  • Explicitly instructive
  • The use of material unrelated to the subject of a work.
  • A figure of speech using indirection to avoid offensive bluntness
  • Not figurative; accurate to the letter; matter of fact or concrete
  • The special language of a profession or group.
  • The structure of a sentence
  • To restrict or limit in meaning.
  • A line of four feet
  • Normally a fourteen-line iambic pentameter poem.
  • A two-syllable foot with an unaccented syllable followed by an accented syllable.
  • A metrical foot of three syllables, an accented syllable followed by two unaccented syllables.