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Reading Vocabulary-1

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2nd grade reading map vocabulary

Created Date 03.18.16
Last Updated 03.18.16
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Topics of this game:
  • to make something known generally or in public, especially in order to sell it
  • a reference book with helpful facts and figures
  • a word that means the opposite of another word
  • A comparison of two different things that are similar in some way. Ex: Glove is to hand as shoe is to foot.
  • A biography narrated by him or herself.
  • A list of sources used in a report or book.
  • The reason something happens and the result of it happening.
  • A specific feature that helps identify something, can be physical or behavior.
  • To arrange or organize into groups or types; place in a category.
  • Text that describes a picture, photo, graph, or chart.
  • A visual display of information.
  • Ideas presented in the natural order they would happen.
  • The most exciting moment of the story; turning point.
  • To put things together to see how they are the same.
  • To examine the similarities and differences between two or more objects.
  • Parts of the work that surround a word or passage and help with its meaning.
  • The end of something.
  • A struggle between opposing forces.
  • A clear explanation of the meaning of a word.
  • To say how something or someone looks; to use adjectives.
  • The act of describing something.
  • A fact or information about something or someone.
  • Grow, progress, or unfold.
  • A story that is written to be acted out in front of an audience.
  • Two or more characters talking. (Look for quotation marks!)
  • An article which gives opinions.
  • To interest and amuse. (one author's purpose)
  • A short piece of nonfiction writing that examines a single subject.
  • A set of reference books containing articles of various topics covering all branches of knowledge.
  • Something selected to show the nature or character.