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Story Elements Hangmoon

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Vocabulary used when discussing fiction

Created Date 05.15.16
Last Updated 05.16.16
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Topics of this game:
  • clues or hints about what will happen in a story
  • using words to create a picture in the readers' mind
  • the person telling the story
  • how the person telling the story see things
  • protagonist
  • conflict between a character and weather, animals, mountains, space, etc.
  • conflict between a character and laws, customs, traditions, rules, etc.
  • tells what the reader needs to know before the main action of the story begins
  • the main feelings a story creates in the reader
  • the big idea or moral the author wants the reader to think about
  • a thing or person that represents an idea
  • a person who changes during the course of the story
  • a person who is the same at the end of the story as s/he was at the beginning
  • what happens after the problem in the story is solved
  • the problem or disagreement in a story