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Fasteners Game

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Students will answer questions based on Fasteners

Created Date 09.25.20
Last Updated 09.28.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the best definition for fasteners?
  • Typically a permanent fastener and it's used when items aren't moved very often.
  • When nailing to fasten, you should always nail through the
  • Brad nailers or tack hammers are best to
  • You should pre-drill a small hole if you use
  • A fastener that has a rounded head so it can fit flush to a platform.
  • This bolt is held in place by a square outset under the bolt head.
  • When you insert the carriage bolt into the wood, in order to keep it in place you must ______________ in the bolt so that the square part is driven into the wood.
  • A C-clamp looks like
  • A C-clamp is used to _________________________ hold 2 piece of wood together.