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Match up the acting genres with their description

Created Date 10.25.20
Last Updated 10.26.20
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Topics of this game:
  • High energy; the heroes must accomplish a physical feat
  • Get from one point to another while encountering problems along the way.
  • Tells the story through singing and dancing.
  • Assumes that the performance is being documented by the person in the scene.
  • Might include ghosts, monsters, serial killers, deranged people, spiritual possessions, etc.
  • Concerned with finding clues and suspects related to a crime.
  • Has "characters" with "real" names acting in a "normal" way for an audience that the performers are
  • May include elements such as robots, space travel, futuristic weaponry, dystopian societies, aliens,
  • Meant to instill a feeling of anticipation in the viewer.
  • Uses an incredibly simple plot for a young audience.
  • Non-realistic or made up themes, settings, and/or characters.
  • Records something based off of history and/or facts.
  • Follows the general format: person A wants person B, A gets B, A loses B, A and B get back together.
  • Common storylines include multiple births with unknown parentage, adoption surprises, deaths that tu