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Sports and Media Review

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COM 5113 Sports and Media

Created Date 03.05.19
Last Updated 03.05.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Newspapers, magazines, fanzines, books, catalogs, event programs, and trading cards.
  • Radio, television, and film.
  • Dominant goals are to make profits and to distribute content that promotes the ideas and beliefs of people in positions of power.
  • Primary goals are to influence cultural values and social organization and provide a public service.
  • Sport media commentaries and images in the United States highlight...
  • New media includes...
  • Once "rights contracts" are signed, revenues are guaranteed regardless of bad weather, injuries to key players, and other factors that interfere with ticket sales and on-site revenue streams.
  • Increased attention allows athletes to demand higher salaries and turns a few of them into national and international celebrities, who then use their status to endorse products sold worldwide.
  • Newspapers and television most dependent on sports for commercial success.
  • The most widely read section of the newspaper
  • Media companies in the US have collectively signed deals paying sport organizations $75 million for rights to broadcast their games, matches, and events.