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Juice WRLD Trivia Game

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Intriguing Facts about the beloved rapper, Juice WRLD.

Created Date 12.18.19
Last Updated 12.19.19
Viewed 18 Times
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Topics of this game:
  • What is Juice WRLD's Real Name?
  • What state did Juice WRLD grow up in?
  • When was Juice WRLD born?
  • What was Juice WRLD's age when his parents were separated from him?
  • Where did Juice WRLD's tragic event leading to his life happen?
  • Who directed most of Juice WRLD's videos?
  • What songs in his album Goodbye & Good Riddance, was in the top 100 in 2018
  • In Juice WRLD's songs, Bandit, who does this feature in the song?
  • In Juice WRLD's song, Hate Me, who does this feature in the song?
  • Who was Juice WRLD dating, before he died?
  • How tall was Juice WRLD?
  • What is Juice WRLD's descent?
  • What was Juice WRLD's recording name when he was in high school?
  • In how many minutes did Juice WRLD write Lucid Dreams?
  • What award did Juice WRLD get in 2019?
  • How many instruments was Juice WRLD taught, when he was young?
  • What's the line in his song, Legends, where he might have predicted his death?
  • What religion does Juice WRLD follow?
  • Who inspired the name "Juice WRLD"?
  • What is Juice WRLD's newest album?
  • What is Juice WRLD's second album?
  • Juice WRLD has a remix, in a song called Ransom, who does he sing this with?
  • Juice WRLD has a song called Demonz and Angels, how does this feature?
  • Juice WRLD called Graduation, who is the other artist featured in this song?
  • Juice WRLD has a song called Roses, with Benny Blanco, and one other, who is this person?
  • In Juice WRLD's song, Nuketown, who does it feature?
  • Juice WRLD is featured in the Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse soundtrack, in a song called Hide, who else does this song have in it?
  • What high school did Juice WRLD attend?
  • What was Juice WRLD's mom though of religion?
  • Juice WRLD's song, Legends, was dedicated to whom?
  • Who were some of Juice WRLD's musical artist inspirations, for the music he did?
  • What genres of music does Juice WRLD do?
  • Prior to Juice WRLD death, he was on a plane, going to Chicago. What was in the plane?
  • How old was Juice WRLD when he died?
  • How did Juice WRLD die?
  • What state did Juice WRLD come from on the private jet?
  • What is Juice WRLD's mother's name?
  • What time was Juice WRLD pronounced dead?
  • In July 2019, Juice WRLD said he would stop taking what for his girlfriend's sake?
  • What hospital did Juice WRLD die in?