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Creative Chakalaka Review Game

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Test your knowledge of the concepts we have learned the second half of this semester in EDEL3015!

Created Date 04.29.20
Last Updated 04.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is the first stage in the development of cognitive play?
  • When it comes to guidelines for using materials, what are materials that should be avoided?
  • Group games help children...
  • What do you call an activity that is active and pleasurable, yet symbolic, meaningful, and transformational?
  • When children play, it promotes what type of cognitive development?
  • Which is not one of the broad standards that apply to children's education according to NAfME?
  • What strategy did we not talk about incorporating into a classroom to encourage dramatic arts?
  • How could you correctly use repurposed materials to structure an integrated activity within a classroom?
  • What is one way we can use puppets to enhance learning in the classroom?
  • What should not be included in a dramatic play kit?
  • How could you incorporate music into a classroom?
  • How could a teacher incorporate movement into learning experiences?
  • Why would a teacher use dance in their classroom?
  • What is an important aspect of a learning center that deals with creativity?
  • What is a good example of a creative learning center
  • What materials did we not use in creating our rain sticks
  • Ms. Jen is having her students play follow the leader around the classroom after circle time. What is she incorporating into her classroom?
  • Ms. Kelly plays the snack time song for her preschool students every day so her students have a chance to get up and stretch before eating. What is she incorporating into her classroom?
  • The kindergarten students have just read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". How could the teacher integrate music into this ELA lesson?
  • How could a teacher use movement during a math lesson?
  • How could a teacher use puppets for a history lesson?
  • chef kit, teacher kit, baker kit, princess kit, scientist kit, zoo keeper kit- these are all examples of dramatic play kits- true or false?
  • Dance moves and choreography can be used to boost students' understanding in academics- true or false?
  • Fourth grade students are too old for play based activities- true or false?
  • Learning centers should be silent so that every student can work independently- true or false?