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Can you direct a performance? Italian Musical Terms

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This game tests your knowledge of Italian terms and signs.

Created Date 05.17.20
Last Updated 05.18.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What does forte mean?
  • True or False. Accelerando means getting gradually slower.
  • When you see the sign Da Capo (D.C),what does it tell you?
  • What does Cantabile mean?
  • What does the term tempo describe?
  • If you're conducting an orchestra/choir and the score says crescendo, what would you indicate to the players?
  • What does the term Andante mean?
  • True or False. Staccato means detached.
  • True or False. Pianissimo is the description of a very small piano.
  • What does fine mean?
  • What does legato mean?
  • Describe the term poco.
  • True or False. A Tempo means resume the normal speed.
  • What does Allegro mean?
  • True or False. Allegretto is slower than allegro.
  • Describe the term adagio.
  • What does Largo mean?
  • True or False. Rallentando means getting slower.
  • What does mezzo forte mean?
  • True or False. Diminuendo and decrescendo mean the same thing.