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IPHP LESSON 2 Extended Activity

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Choose the correct answer.

Created Date 09.04.21
Last Updated 09.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Who wondered about the beginning of the universe and where it came from?
  • Who believed that knowledge is a product of both reason and experience?
  • Concerned with proving God's existence and understanding what is man in relation with God.
  • Which among the following is concentrated on logical analysis of language to solve the problems which beset philosophy?
  • Which of the following ideas believed that aside from result, experience is also a source of knowledge.
  • It states that the chief source of our knowledge is reason rather than experience.
  • Who believed that human beings philosophize because they wonder about the world?
  • He argued that air was the fundamental element.
  • The following are famous philosopher in the second period in the history of Greek philosophy, except: