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Movie Review: The Post

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The Post is an American historical political thriller. Let's see how much you learned!

Created Date 08.02.18
Last Updated 08.02.18
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Topics of this game:
  • During which war did this movie take place in 1966?
  • Katherine Graham was the owner/publisher of The Washington Post, what other newspaper was mentioned in the movie?
  • Was the Post the first newspaper to write about the government secrets?
  • What's the first theory of Ethics we discussed? In the movie Katherine didn't make her decision based on this theory.
  • Katherine considered it her duty to publish the news, which theory does this reflect?
  • When Katherine's long time friend Bob McNamara came and told her about the article in the Times before it was published, which theory of ethics did he show?
  • Is The Post based on a true story?