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Bible Memory Match

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match them

Created Date 12.11.19
Last Updated 12.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Everything belongs to God.
  • We should give from a spirit of love.
  • providing love or other emotional support; caring.
  • So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets
  • We should give cheerfully.
  • We should give when others ask for help.
  • God gives us bread and wine representing his blood and body
  • What is the easiest form of giving?
  • What did God give us?
  • He turned a boys food into a bunch of food for 5,000 people and served them
  • Giving is proven to make people __________.
  • Knowledge about our lord and savior with advice to thrive in life.
  • A good christian education an applying it to the world.
  • People who earn less give more T/F
  • What should we not do when we give?
  • giving 10% of our earnings
  • Giving is practiced when we give others _____________
  • What do we give to other countries
  • What can giving improve?
  • Giving can also be ___________ . If you give others will want to too
  • Giving strengthens ______________.
  • are happier then people who dont give
  • ______________ could save a young child's life
  • About how many hours are spent volunteering every year?
  • Giving is our way of demonstrating ______________.