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Elements & Principles Review

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Reviewing Elements of Art and Principles of Design

Created Date 09.08.20
Last Updated 09.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What Element shows it is related by using a wheel?
  • Zig Zag, Curvy, Thin and Vertical would be examples of which Element?
  • Shapes that can be explained using math are examples of what kind of shapes?
  • What is the element that is related to our sense of touch?
  • What element uses a scale to show the lightness or darkness of a color?
  • What Principle allows an artist to create a focal point?
  • What Principle of Design is looking for similarities in the artwork?
  • What kind of balance would mean that both sides of the image are the same?
  • What is the Principle of Design that can also be referred to as movement?
  • "Circle, square, circle, square, circle" is an example of what Principle of Design?
  • Is Space an Element of Art or a Principle of Design?
  • Is Pattern an Element or Art or a Principle of Design?
  • Is Balance an Element of Art or a Priciple of Design?
  • Is Form an Element of Art or a Principle of Design?
  • Is Emphasis an Element of Art or a Principle of Design?