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This will be based on everything we learned so far this year

Created Date 10.07.20
Last Updated 10.08.20
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Topics of this game:
  • A principle of design that relates to size and scale of an object
  • A continuous mark with length and direction
  • where would you find paintings from the stone age?
  • What was the main purpose of art during the time of the Stone Age?
  • Movement in art created through repetition of elements
  • During Ancient Egypt, writing and pictures on the wall would be called what?
  • What was most common to see in the cave paintings of the Stone Age?
  • Principle of design that makes one part of a work dominant over the other partsE
  • One similarity between the Ancient Egyptians and the people of the Stone Age is they....
  • The basic visual considerations that guide organization of a work of art.
  • The combination of one of more elements, in opposition, so as to show their differences.
  • Refers to the distance or area between, around, above, below, or within things.
  • During the "Metal Ages," what were the 2 most common used metals for creating weapons and tools?
  • What was the main purpose for hieroglyphs (or paintings/carvings on the wall) in Ancient Egypt?
  • The path that our eyes follow in a work of art.
  • The element of art that refers to the way something feels or appears to feel.
  • An element of art that is three dimensional and encloses volume.
  • Degree of lightness or darkness in any color.
  • A "frescoe" is what?
  • The basic visual components used in the creation of a work of art.