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Artist's Revision Bingo

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Test your artistic knowledge with this unique game of bingo. You will be given different items (definitions and questions) to which you are to provide the answer for onto your Bingo Card. Remember you are racing against the clock and your classmates so be quick with those fingers and thinking.

Created Date 10.18.20
Last Updated 10.19.20
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Topics of this game:
  • The step in the design process after identifying the problem but before brainstorming ideas.
  • Simply defines as a moving point.
  • The principle of design which arranges the elements into a repeated design.
  • This refer to the type of texture that can be touched.
  • Area that is occupied in the artwork.
  • A type of line that suggests the edge or path of a line.
  • What differentiate a square form a cube
  • The basic unit of a pattern that is to be repeated.
  • The name given to shapes that are irregular or asymmetrical and tend to have curves, swirls and a flow to them
  • Colour that are on directly opposite sides of the colour wheel, eg. Red & Green
  • Variants of shades and tints that derives from a single colour
  • The three colours from which all other colour derives from. They can't be created by the mixture of any colour
  • The symmetrical or asymmetrical distribution of weight in a art work.
  • The principle of design that refers to using the element in draw attention to a area or the work of art.
  • The principle of design that utilizes strong opposites.
  • A person who plans the look or workings of something prior to it being made, by preparing drawings or plans.
  • Also referred to as harmony with a work of art a sense of cohesion.
  • A characteristic of design that refers to it being suited to serve a purpose
  • Textures that that are implied and seems real just by using drawing or painting technique.
  • The principle of art used to create the impression of action in a work of art.
  • The characteristic of design that speaks to the ability to withstand damage.
  • An approach that involve six steps/stages to tackle a issue that involve creating design.
  • The forth stage in the design process
  • Green, orange and purple are all?