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Art crossword

Created Date 03.29.21
Last Updated 03.30.21
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Topics of this game:
  • draw something that exists only in our minds
  • physical appearance of something before us
  • rows of parallel lines to suggest shadows
  • is often a prelude to painting
  • mixed with water
  • applied to a damp lime-plaster
  • wall-size painting
  • suspended in hot beeswax
  • dries to a bright white
  • favorite medium for five centuries
  • an invention of the mid-twentieth century
  • small-scale paint sprayer
  • artwork that exists in multiple copies
  • metal, wood, or stone
  • AP
  • cutting away all parts of the printing surface not meant to carry ink
  • areas below the surface hold the ink
  • requires no cutting of the matrix
  • a sheet with a design cut out of it
  • refinement of the technique of stencil printing