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Apparel 1.01 Exam Review

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A review of common history items from the NC Apparel 1 class

Created Date 12.04.21
Last Updated 12.07.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Inventor of the lockstitch and first sewing machines
  • Built the first commercially successful sewing machine (was sued)
  • Created the first paper patterns that were graded (different sizes)
  • Considered the Father of Haute Couture
  • Inventor of the blue jean
  • Creator of the NewLook during WWII era
  • Known for the little black dress
  • Separated cotton seeds from the cotton
  • Allowed a worker to spin/work eight or more spools of thread at once
  • Inventor of the Cotton Gin
  • Inventor of the Spinning Jenny
  • Inventor of the Spinning Mule
  • An era of time where many inventions were made and factories boomed
  • Allowed for wider cloths to be turned out
  • Added strength to pocket seams especially jeans
  • Factory made clothing sold in finished condition
  • The fashion capitol of the world before World War 1
  • Guidelines for sizing patterns or clothing
  • Clothing item made acceptable for women to wear after WW2
  • First ready-to wear garments that are mass produced
  • Hemlines raise drastically for women
  • Spinning jenny, cotton gin, spinning mule and flying shuttle are all invented
  • Made fashion global
  • Cheap clothing that moves quickly from design to stores
  • Needle and bobbin system that is still used in sewing machines today