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Wisc-Online Gamebuilder: Tips on Building a Good Game!

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When building a game you should give your game a good title that lets players know what your game is about. Learn some easy tips about building a good game!

Created Date 11.04.19
Last Updated 11.04.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Which of these is a good game title?
  • Having just two questions in my game will make the game fun for the player
  • Do all of the wisc-online games randomize the order of the answers?
  • When I add a question to my game, even though there is a space for two possible answers, It's ok to just provide the correct answer and leave the other space blank..
  • My game is going to be a review of the book Animal Farm by George Orwell. I should mention the name of the book in the game description so others will know what book I am referencing.
  • My sociology teacher said I should build a game on wisc-online for extra credit. Should I call my game "Extra credit game?"
  • The Hangmoon game is similar to
  • If I submit a game to the Arcade and weeks later realize I made a typo or want to add another question, is there a way to do that?
  • I used to play a card game where we layed cards on the floor and flipped them over trying to find a match. We had to flip them back if we did not get a match and try to remember where the cards were to make a match later. Does wisc-online have a game like that?
  • Ms. Winarski's 3rd Grade project review: Matching game
  • The Prince and the Pauper: Review
  • Which is a BAD TITLE?
  • You say I need at least 5 questions. I'm making a tic-tac-toe game. Can I just add 5 questions to it?
  • What may be considered a BAD title?
  • I am cutting and pasting some questions and answers into my game. The questions are all numbered and the answers are also numbered. Should I leave them numbered?
  • Exam III Review
  • How many questions does it take to make a Bingo game for my class?
  • I play Candy Crush at home. is there a game similar to candy crush.
  • Is the Beekeeper game a multiplayer game?
  • Is it true the Bingo game can be played with multiple people even if they are not in the same room?
  • OVR Review
  • Flash Cardiology!
  • I am making a game for the office Christmas party. it will have questions about each employee in our office. No personal information but some funny inter-office trivia. Should I submit that game to the Arcade?
  • Does wisc-online really have a game where you hunt squids that are shooting you with ink?
  • Have U Herd
  • The Jeopardy game uses up to 4 categories that I can add questions to. Do I need to use all 4 categories?