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Graphic Design Basics: Typography

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Graphic Design Basics

Created Date 11.11.19
Last Updated 11.11.19
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Topics of this game:
  • The art of designing and arranging printed type.
  • Little Attachements on the letters.
  • A font that has little attachments or serifs on the letters.
  • A font that has no serifs or attachements on the letters
  • Without in the French Language means ...
  • A font that looks like handwriting.
  • A fancy font that is very decorative and has a lot of embellishments and should be used sparingly.
  • The overall space between characters.
  • The space between specific characters.
  • The space between lines of text
  • Guides the reader's eyes to whatever is most important
  • Who do most people say invented Typography
  • What was the first typeface/font?
  • Who gave us Italics?
  • Who made the typeface characterized as Sans-Serif by removing the serif's?
  • What popular font/typeface comes from Switzerland?