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sewing terms-crossword

Created Date 02.24.20
Last Updated 02.25.20
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Topics of this game:
  • To be used to cut Fabric and thread ONLY
  • Holds the lower thread on the machine
  • Holds the upper thread on the machine
  • The gas pedal of the sewing machine
  • rips out unwanted stitches
  • Can Measure up to 60 inches
  • Measures 6 inches or less with the use of a small move-able marker
  • This is the side that all your marks should be made on your fabric
  • You use this part of the machine to raise or lower the needle
  • this part of the machine presses the fabric down
  • this part of the machine lifts up the presser foot
  • this pierces the fabric to form stitches
  • this guides the thread on the machine
  • this button helps to move in reverse to backstitch
  • this sewing tool holds pins
  • this sewing tool helps hold our fabric together while we sew
  • we used this sewing tool to finish our pillow and sew it closed
  • We used this machine to make our pillow
  • we use this to form stitches