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Ch. 18 &19 Milady

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Wigs, Hair additions, and braiding

Created Date 03.06.20
Last Updated 03.09.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Historically, the first highly decorative braids were seen amoung ________ tribes.
  • Hairstyling that does not alter the natural curl or coil pattern of hair is known as ___
  • With proper care, a braided hair design can last up to ______ months.
  • During the consultation, the stylst must pay special attention to the client's hair ____
  • In terms of braiding and styling, the diameter of hair refers to whether the hair is __
  • With reguard to wave pattern or configuration, textured hair is defined as hair with a(n
  • The ___ technique involves overlapping two strands to form a candy cane effect
  • What brushes are best for stimulating the scalp and removing dirt and lint from locks?
  • Which tool is useful for lifting and separating textured hair?
  • A __ braid is created with two strands that are twisted around each other.