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Creative Thinking Final Review Game

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The game covers concepts from the second half of the 2020 Creative Thinking spring semester.

Created Date 05.03.20
Last Updated 05.05.20
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Topics of this game:
  • True or False Music, dance, and movement enrich the brain.
  • True or False Dramatic arts do not provide opportunities to be actors and audiences.
  • True or False Dramatic play centers provide a variety of background experiences.
  • True or False Play is voluntary and intrinsically motivated
  • True or False Facilitative play is a type of receptive learning
  • True or False Play promotes social development
  • True or False The human brain is more malleable during the first 8 years of life.
  • ___________ Stage: uses abstract symbols (language) to represent ideas.
  • A (n) ______ is an object used on stage or screen by actors during a performance or screen production.
  • What are two intelligences used in dramatic arts?
  • What is one reason as to how play helps children understand literacy?
  • When teaching a new song a strategy is to teach children the ________ while you sing the ________.
  • ____________ is the process of acting something out.
  • True or False The three forms of enactment are informal drama, story or interpretive drama, and formal or scripted drama.
  • When children play it does not promote: 1. Problem Solving 2. Mental Planning 3. Self-monitoring 4. Evaluation
  • The four broad standards that apply to children's education are _____________, _____________, _____________, and _____________.
  • What makes dramatic arts important?
  • True or False Drama experiences help children show knowledge in one form.
  • Entertainment where performers express themselves through gestures accompanied by music.
  • True or False Fine and Gross Motor skills do not develop through play.
  • What is Functional Play?
  • What enables children to use their imaginations in original and satisfying ways?
  • What is important to remember when selecting materials for infant and toddlers?
  • Why are puppets a great learning tool in the classroom?
  • True or False When teachers teach dramatic arts, they model behaviors and attributes