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Francis Final Review Engineering Technology II Honors

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Overall Review

Created Date 12.21.20
Last Updated 12.22.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Conducts experiments or uses computational techniques to solve complex problems.
  • Provides detailed specifications of the product, even just one part.
  • Evaluates effectiveness of an organization and find methods for improvement.
  • Devises ways to simulate conditions a product will be used.
  • Show trust in followers
  • Assigns responsibilities
  • KIS is an acronym for:
  • Information in presentations should pertain to __ - __ points.
  • Who does a communication checklist benefit?
  • States issue and course of action to be taken
  • _____________ are the most common technical writings in engineering.
  • What is a general rule to follow in creating slides?
  • Common goal or purpose, leadership among every member, effective communication & harmonious relationships
  • Everyone works together (parallel operation) with marketing, manufacturing, and procurement personnel
  • What should not be compromised when trying to meet standards and deadlines?
  • Shared expectations/rules within the team are established during:
  • This stage is when a leader may become indistinguishable from the rest of the group, as all members are busy
  • Which growth stage of a team does the enormity of the task sink in and leadership critical
  • Leadership model in which a leader is positioned closely to all members of the team and has communication
  • Leadership model where a strong leader directs the actions:
  • Isakenand Treffinger developed Six Linear Steps for problem solving. Which one IS NOT a step?
  • What is the word Bob Eberle added to Alex Osborn�s list of stimulating words to form SCAMPER:
  • T/F There is no single correct answer in Analytic Problem Solving.
  • T/F Other fields engineers may enter are law, medicine, and business.