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Engineering Culture's Week 1-3

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Study Guide 1

Created Date 02.13.21
Last Updated 02.15.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Governor of New Hampshire, George W. Bush's Chief of Staff. Engineer in Politics.
  • Who was responsible for building the Brooklyn Bridge?
  • Who is commonly referred to as an "engineering president?"
  • Why don't we see many Engineers in politics throughout history?
  • Evaluating other peoples and cultures according to the standards of one's own culture.
  • After the Civil War, what famous engineers were considered National Heroes?
  • Which country, in particular, had a very disorganized history of engineering?
  • Who founded the Society of Civil Engineers?
  • Argued to change Britain's engineering education system and implement theoretical styles
  • Differences between engineering in the US and the UK, which is true?
  • Who was John Scott Russel?
  • Education that included 3 years of education with time spent working in the industry
  • Why did the U.K. look down upon new scientific and math-based engineering education?
  • Which one of these was created first?
  • Engineers that are more creative and focus on problem-solving
  • Engineers that deal with already existing technologies, not innovation.
  • These help to improve skills and productivity, and retain a countries standards
  • What does SSC stand for?
  • Who was the first chairman UK Engineering Council?
  • What is the National Economic Development Council?