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Engineering Culture's Week 4-6

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Created Date 03.12.21
Last Updated 03.16.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Social and Political system in France before the revolution. Caste system.
  • High level of German education. Applied Sciences
  • How were engineers in Germany different from other European engineers?
  • Define Gesamthochschulen?
  • Influence of Nazism affect German education?
  • After WWII, German engineers were proud and upheld quality engineering practices.
  • Engineering Association. German engineers gather and talk.
  • Senior Topf and Sons. constructer of the furnaces in the Nazi concentration camps.
  • Topf and Sons. design better crematoriums for concentration camps.
  • Topf and Sons. designed the ventilation systems for crematoriums
  • German Engineers were given the choice of whether or not they worked for Hitler.
  • French diplomat and political philosopher. "Democracy in America"
  • Trust of Nuclear Power in the US vs France.
  • The Jacobins and the Girondins trusted each other and saw eye to eye in all beliefs.
  • Overthrew the monarchy in France together.