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V-Pro Components and Fundamentals

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V-Pro review of machine details

Created Date 09.18.18
Last Updated 09.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • cycle used to process devices with channels or that are hollow
  • Used to break down the hydrogen peroxide to a water vapor,oxygen mix
  • Vaprox is taken from this to be injected into the chamber
  • process used by technicians to ensure sensors are reading accurately
  • supplies compressed air to machine
  • Unit of measurement used for pressure
  • measures temperature
  • color of HMI screen during the sterilzation phase of the cycle
  • Number of valves used to fill reservoir with Vaprox
  • Auto drain solenoid valve number
  • number of times vaprox is injected during a cycle
  • attached to chamber and heated to 60C
  • two of these used to measure pressure/vacuum
  • shortest cycle on machine (2 wds)
  • color of oil can indicator when oil change is due soon