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System 1E Review: Steris Low Temp Scope Washer

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Review of the Steris low temp scope washer

Created Date 09.18.18
Last Updated 09.24.18
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Topics of this game:
  • This check valve is responsible for assisting in draining
  • The max pure filter needs to be replaced every_____ days
  • What measures the incoming water temp?
  • The minimum reading for the UV light is what?
  • What limit switch detects operation of the High pressure pump?
  • This solenoid controls the operation of V6
  • The minimum incoming water temp needs to be what?
  • What switch determines the chamber is full or not?
  • The water regulator on the A and B filter assembly is set to what pressure?
  • Which device controls the air compressor during the sterile processing cycle?
  • How long is the standard drain time?
  • What is the first selection that can be changed from the operator changeable values?
  • How long is the exposure phase during the sterile processing cycle?
  • True or False? The UV clean in place procedure is an acceptable alternative to manual cleaning?
  • What is the solenoid that is used for filling the chamber with water?
  • How often does the diagnostic cycle need to be performed?
  • How long does the system allow for pressure to build to 55 PSI during the max pure filter test?
  • Is S1 normally open or closed?
  • This monitors the fluid temperature at the outlet of the heater before it enters the chamber
  • During the thermocouple test in the DIAG cycle, what is the acceptable temperature difference between TC1 and TC2?