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Cloud Computing

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Players will use their knowledge of Cloud Computing to slither their snake to the end!

Created Date 11.29.22
Last Updated 11.30.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Instruction and learning can happen ________.
  • With Cloud computing, there is no need for onsite data centers, hardware, or around the clock electricity, or cooling. Therefore, Cloud Computing is ______ cost-effective.
  • Cloud Computing increases the ____________of educational institutions by providing easy access and sharing for students and educators.
  • File storage and _______________ allow teachers and students to access and edit files from any connected device.
  • Cloud Computing is the delivery of __________, like servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics, and intelligence over the internet.
  • With Cloud Computing, content is shared over the _________.
  • Data centers maintain high-quality policies and technologies that ensure the ___________of your data.
  • Cloud Computing increases the _____________ by removing the need to set up hardware, software, and other IT chores.
  • Cloud Computing makes ___________ learning accessible even when students and teachers are outside of their learning space.
  • ___________ consists of only one company or institution using the cloud computing.
  • The most common type of cloud computing where a third-party company provides the service is called _______.
  • Cloud Computing offers excellent __________ compared to onsite hardware by continuously offering the fastest and most efficient offsite hardware.