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Waste Handling and SDS Training Game

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Test your knowledge of the Facilities waste handling & SDS usage

Created Date 05.22.20
Last Updated 05.26.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What does SDS stand for?
  • What is an SDS?
  • What section of the SDS discusses the Required PPE for handling the material?
  • There are how many pictogram categories?
  • Where can the sites SDS's be found
  • When it comes to Waste Generation This Facility is what?
  • Materials are usually considered _____________ when the generator has determined that the material has no further use.
  • PPE needed for general lab
  • Waste containers must be labeled with _____________________
  • Waste materials can be solid, liquid, semi-solid, or ________________________________
  • These characteristics must be exhibited in order for it to be considered hazardous waste. Listed by the EPA, ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, & _____________
  • As of 2016, The world went over to this type of system
  • When it comes to shipping this section of the SDS is what will help?
  • There are a total of ___ spill kits on site.
  • Cleanout happen how often