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Chapter 3 Theories of Accident Causation

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For IE 558 - Theories of Accident Causation

Created Date 02.27.19
Last Updated 02.27.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Why accidents happen is a concern for health and safety decision-makers. (T/F)
  • Theories of accident causation are used to predict and prevent accidents. (T/F)
  • According to Heinrich's Axioms on Industrial Safety, the plant manager is the key person concerning industrial accidents. (T/F)
  • An accident program does not have to take all ten axioms into account to be effective. (T/F)
  • The accident/incident theory is an extension of the human factors theory. (T/F)
  • Herbert W. Heinrich's study of the causes of industrial accidents in the 1920s concluded that most accidents are caused by:
  • Which three factors lead to human error in the human factors theory?
  • Ergonomic traps, overload, and/or a decision to err lead to human error according to the: