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Jeopardy Game: Steam Locomotive

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Give this game a try and see if you are a true conductor or just a traveler on this fun adventure.

Created Date 04.29.20
Last Updated 04.30.20
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Topics of this game:
  • Who was born in Sussex County, New Jersey?
  • Who did Ross Winans Work with in 1860?
  • Who was another player in the creation of the Steam Locomotive?
  • Who developed the first successful Steam Locomotive in 1814?
  • Who was the 90 year old who demonstrated a new railway car?
  • When was the first successful Steam locomotive Built?
  • When was the first U.S. Locomotive built?
  • When can the first Electric Locomotives be tracked in Scottland?
  • what year did Ross Winans join others on a tour of Englands Railways?
  • What years did Ross Winans obtain patents for the iron plow and pulling cloth?
  • Why were Steam Locomotives so important?
  • Why did Ross Winans Tour Englands Railways?
  • Why did Winans devise a model rail wagon with pivoting wheels rather than fixed?
  • Why did Thomas Hopkin use eight wheel on the Locomotive?
  • Why was Ross Winans so good at inventing things?
  • How did Winans and Hopkins make the locomotive curveable?
  • How much did the Locomotive sell for?
  • How many tons of coal could a steam Locomotive Haul
  • How is Ross Winans Remembered?
  • How did Ross Winans die?