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Carpentry Bingo #1

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Carpentry & Joinery Phase 2 General Knowledge

Created Date 06.24.20
Last Updated 06.24.20
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Topics of this game:
  • used for cutting shoulders off joints
  • span is the same as the bridging joist
  • one of the stages of sharpening
  • a type of softwood
  • non-drained sloping edge of a pitched roof
  • most suitable joint for lengthening a roof wall plate
  • a process that makes timber less prone to distortion
  • cut short
  • used to score timber parallel to the face or end
  • allows for gentle turning of felt around edges so it doesn't crack
  • a beam to support the rafters
  • maximum spacing for common rafters in mms
  • gradually lowering the centre of an arch by 3-4mm
  • at a right angle to bridging joists
  • a small wedge-shaped piece of wood
  • the pitch on a flat roof should be no bigger than this
  • a continuation of fascia around the verge or sloping edge of the roof
  • seals a space against fire or smoke
  • for making fixings to cavity walls and ceilings where one side of the material is accessible
  • the sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces
  • gap in mms that should be left around the door and frame
  • horizontal line between two sloping roof surfaces at their highest point
  • a temperate tropical hardwood
  • a type of load that includes the weight of snow and foot traffic
  • come from coniferous trees