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Safety First Jeopardy Game

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Safety Game Jeopardy, How much do you know about safety?

Created Date 02.24.22
Last Updated 02.25.22
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Topics of this game:
  • Work At Height - How many feet must be secured by suitable collective or individual fall protection?
  • Energy & Machine Isolation - What process is equipment isolated from all energy sources during maintenance or intervention?
  • Lifting - Who can walk or work under a suspended load?
  • Powered Hand Tools - What type of tools do you use for the task and its environment?
  • Traffic - When considering pedestrian footpaths and machinery/vehicle areas, you need to do what to a traffic plan?
  • Pressure - What do you do with unexpected pressure loss with pressurized equipment?
  • Hazardous Sustances - What do you do with exposure to chemicals, asbestos, biological or radioactive hazards?
  • Confined Spaces - What type of activity can you do in confined spaces?
  • Escavations - What must you do before any escavation begins?
  • Coactivity - What must you do prior to working with another person?
  • Keeping walkways, aisles, and stairs clear helps prevent slips, trips, and falls.
  • If you are cleaning up or repairing a floor area, you should:
  • When you have to reach a high place, you should stand on:
  • When you walk across a slippery surface, it's best to:
  • When you climb a ladder, you should:
  • Biological hazards include viruses, bacteria, insects, animals etc. that can cause adverse health impacts
  • What can result in both health and physical impacts such as skin irritation, respiratory system irritation, blindness, corrosion and explosions?
  • Environmental factors that can harm an employee without touching them, including heights, noise, radiation and pressure are what hazard?
  • Musculoskeletal injuries like a poor workstation setup in the office, poor posture is what type of hazard?
  • Adverse effects on an employee's mental health, or wellbeing is what type of hazard?