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Automotive Connection

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Relationship Between Various Engine Components and their purpose

Created Date 10.06.19
Last Updated 10.07.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Modeule that sends signals from componet to component for control of engine procedures.
  • Utilzes engine power, once running, to matian operation of accessories of an automobile.
  • Battery driven module which cranks engine over for startup
  • Component which allows for startup, and accessory operation while automobile is not running
  • Connected to the Crankshaft, conerts energy from there to other pulley connected by belt
  • Take fuel provide by fule pump, maintain constant pressure, and equally dived fuel per cylinder
  • Takes filtered outside air from intake, and directs it into the combustion chamber
  • Take the spent gas molecules, and driects them into the exhuast to be removed from the engine