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Welding Game (Snake Edition)

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Snake is a fun game...welding is not. Together they make a mediocre game!

Created Date 01.15.20
Last Updated 01.15.20
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Topics of this game:
  • What is GMAW welding?
  • What is TIG welding?
  • Which gas is used in Arc Cutting?
  • Who is the first person to contact in case of a shop emergency?
  • Which welding style is the same as TIG welding
  • What does the arrow mean in a welding blueprint?
  • What is the purpose of the reference line in welding blueprints?
  • What does a flag represent in a welding blueprint
  • How many combinations of weld symbols can be made?
  • What is SMAW welding?
  • Where should SMAW welding take place
  • What is another term for resistance welding?
  • what is the maximum operating pressure for acetylene?
  • What color are the fuel gas hoses?
  • What is a reverse flow check valve?
  • Oxy fuel torches can cut what metal?
  • What does the S in "FCAW-S" mean?
  • What polarity is required for FCAW?
  • What does the "1" in "E71T-1" mean?
  • The SMAW welding type uses what kind of power?
  • Where should low hydrogen electrodes be stored?
  • What is the motion of welding from side to side called?
  • Who writes all the metal specification?
  • What does flux help with in SMAW welding?
  • What kind of gas is used in GTAW welding?
  • What is a GTAW electrode usually made of?
  • What current is used for GTAW welding on stainless steel?
  • What polarity is used in GTAW generates the most heat to the electrode?
  • What is it called when metal begins to deteriorate due to being exposed to the open air?
  • The resistance that metal has to separating is called...?
  • What is the main portion of a welding symbol?
  • What is it called when a weld bead fails?
  • What kind of electricity reverses the flow at a constant rate?
  • Why does the arc sometimes wander off course?
  • What kind of welding is safe to do outside?