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Subtraction Word Problems - Unknowns

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Students will solve take away subtraction word problem and start and change unknown.

Created Date 01.06.21
Last Updated 01.07.21
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Topics of this game:
  • There were 20 ants in the garden. 5 of them crawled away. How many ants are left in the garden?
  • Wade had 15 apples. He gave some of them to Shane. Now Wade has 10 apples. How many apples did Wade give Shane?
  • Drew had some pencils. He gave 7 of them to Sam. Now Drew has 11 pencils. How many pencils did Drew have at first?
  • There were some sharks swimming near shore. Then 8 swam away. Now there are 3 left. How many sharks were swimming?
  • Walker had 13 ribbons. He gave some of them to Grant. Now Walker has 6 ribbons. How many ribbons did Walker give Grant?
  • Zane had 17 marbles. He gave some of them to Ryan. Now Zane has 11 marbles. How many marbles did Zane give Ryan?
  • Ty had 13 stickers. He gave some of them to Sam. Now Ty has 7 stickers. How many stickers did Ty give Sam?
  • Tess had 16 blocks. She gave some of them to Gwen. Now Tess has 11 blocks. How many blocks did Tess give Gwen?
  • Nico had some action figures. He gave 5 to Emily and now has 7 action figures left. How many action figures did Nico have?