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Graphing Systems

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Answer the questions related to solving systems of equations by graphing. Use graph paper and your notes to help solve the questions and reach the honey pot!

Created Date 03.05.21
Last Updated 03.08.21
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Topics of this game:
  • When graphing a system, the answer is writen as...
  • If a system graphed is a no solution, describe what the lines would look like...
  • If a system is graphed and results in the lines overlapping, this is an example of a(n)
  • Solve the system of equations by graphing: y=2/3x-1 and y=-x+4
  • Solve the system of equations by graphing: y=2x and x+y=3
  • Explain how to rearrange 4x-y=2 so that it can be graphed on a coordinate plane.
  • Construct a system of equations that would result in a solution of (-1,6).
  • Becca solves y=x-5 and y=-2x+1 and gets (-2,-3). What was her mistake? Correct answer?