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Mr. Faine Game

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A math game

Created Date 03.18.21
Last Updated 03.22.21
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Topics of this game:
  • Solve the system of equations. y = –3x + 4 x + 4y = –6
  • Solve the equation, 5/x - 3/x+4=2
  • Factor the expression completely. 6×3- 4×2 – 16x
  • What should be added to both sides of the equation x2 – 12x = 5 in order to solve it by completing the square?
  • wo cars are traveling north along a highway. The first drives at 40 mph, and the second, which leaves 3 hours later, travels at 60 mph. How long after the second car leaves will it take for the second car to catch the first?