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Properties of Exponents: Multiplication Rule - Set 2

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You'll practice solving problems using the rule for multiplying powers with the same base.

Created Date 06.04.15
Last Updated 06.12.15
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Topics of this game:
  • Solve x⁴x⁻⁸x⁰x²x⁻⁵
  • Solve (a⁴b⁻²c⁻³)(a⁴b⁻²c⁻³)
  • Solve a⁻⁵a⁻²a⁻³
  • Solve x⁰y⁰z⁰
  • Solve 0⁰
  • Solve 4⁶4⁻⁵4²
  • Solve y¹⁰y⁻³
  • Solve d²d²d²
  • Solve xᵃxᵇxᵈ
  • Solve (4x²y⁻³z⁴)(2x⁻²y³z⁻⁴)
  • Solve c⁻⁴c⁻⁵
  • Solve 2ᵃ2ᵇ2ᶜ
  • Solve aºbºcº
  • Solve x⁻¹²x²
  • Solve 4²∙4⁻⁶ ∙ 4∙4⁵