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Virginia and Math Jeopardy

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Answer questions about Va 6c and Math Patterns

Created Date 05.10.19
Last Updated 05.13.19
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Topics of this game:
  • Who was the First African American winner of a major men’s singles championship?
  • Who created the taxes on gas in Virginia?
  • Who Established St.Lukes Penny Savings Bank
  • Who was the president in World War 1
  • Who was the first african american governor
  • What comes next in the pattern 13241324____
  • what comes next in the number pattern 4356 4356 4356 ____
  • what comes next 1234432112344321____
  • what comes next 12345 54321 12345 54321
  • What comes next 6789 9876 6789 9876 6789
  • What took away the rights of African Americans
  • What war burned down richmond
  • Which Was true about the Jim Crow Laws
  • When did the Reconstruction Era start
  • Which is an example of the Jim Crow Laws
  • What is 4x4
  • what is 9x8
  • what is 8 divided by 4
  • what is 90 divided by 10
  • What is 50x10